Monday, August 20, 2012

check list

things to check off my check list:
1. buy a cool new sofa off of craigslist for 50% off retail. (pic coming soon)
i love love love my new sofa and give christopher the evil eye each time he eats dinner on it. i am turning into my mother, ack!
2. make birthday cards
3. change my brake pads for $20 utilizing christopher's automotive skills (thanks babe!)
4. pick up my birthday present from dad (a new bicycle) this will be the 3rd one i have owned living in seattle. crossing my fingers this one does not get stolen.

here's a birthday card i sent to new zealand for yolande's birthday. i hope all the sequins made it attached.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Skylar

My nephew Skylar turned 9 yesterday. So hard to believe! I love this little guy and wish him the best in everything he does.

Christopher also landed a new full-time job which we are ecstatic! I made this card for him to give to his new employer.
Looking forward to a fruitful August...