Monday, June 27, 2011

Family Sunday

Third kid Sunday under our belt and let me tell it was doozy. We drove down to my sister's which took an hour with 3 kids in the back seat. I have never experienced the kids fighting in the back seat scenario. I don't have kids and my nephew Skylar is an only child. So this is very new to me.

Once we arrived at my sister's we had an excellent day with Skylar and family. He was all about showing them his fun toys like huge trampoline, sprinkler under trampoline, water gun fight, pogo stick, arcade games in the garage (yes, my sister bought 2 arcade games from a business that went under) mini motorbike, and several scooters! spoiled kid, eh! but Skylar is really good about sharing. He is a mini people pleaser for sure.

When it was time to leave Megan came up to her dad and wanted to know if they could have a sleep over at Skylar's which I took to mean they had a good time here!

Craft Day Productivity

so last saturday was craft day at my new place and i was super excited to have the girls over. my previous apt. was so small it was hard to make space for everyone.

i even made pad thai, garlic pork, and sweet sticky rice with mangoes. (or directed christopher to make the pad thai and garlic pork)
i like to have a little crafty project prepared and used rory's idea of a birthday card and let the girls go to town with precut embossed papers from my big shot. all in all it was a good craft day.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Photos of the New Place

picked up this sofa at a garage sale

picked up these square ottomans at another garage sale

my ikea shelf over the bed displaying my collection of sabrina ward harrison!

belongings on my dresser top

another shot of the craft room

i have a little kid area in the craft room for christopher's girls to create with me.

i am really loving our space and so look forward to coming home after a days work.

Father's Day Album

i have been loving the digital classes at jessica sprague. i continued on with the father's day album by jessica and heidi and made my dad a fast and simple album that was so stress free, woohoo!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Favorite Weekend Photos

enjoyed a casual fun father's day at the center for wooden boats. Christopher's kids got to sail toy sail boats for an hour then we headed off for a ride on the puffin steam boat.

ended the day with a movie and arts-n-crafts (father's day cards)

here are my 3 fav photos from 6-12-11

Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Photos

i added our day hike photos to flickr which you can see here

and also added photos of our eventful sunday at the water fountain. it was such an emotional day for christopher to get to spend time with his kids. he is still battling in court over an agreed order on the parenting plan, but as it stands things are looking good.

looking forward to another sunday with his kids especially this sunday....father's day!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dosewallips Trail

Saturday morning Christopher and I woke up at 4:20 am to catch the 5:35am ferry to Kingston. We were meeting our party of 10 at the Hood Canal Bridge for a nice day hike on the Dosewallips trail head. One of the purposes of the hike was to experience the massive amount of rhododendrens throughout the trail. Unfortunately for us, they were not in bloom. We did see a handful of rhodies, but nothing to write home about. We did encounter an enormous amount of rhodie bushes on a loop near the ranger station, but still no blooms.

We did, however, enjoy great company and a beautiful hike in the Olympic National Forest. I saw 3 deer and one elk
. Why do guys like rocks so much? Paul pushed a rock over the ledge to watch it fall into the river and next thing you know all the guys are throwing rocks over the ledge watching them roll down the hill to make a big splash. That's Christopher with the biggest rock!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday!!!

it's christopher's twin girls birthday and to celebrate 8 i made them a banner birthday card.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tour of the New Place

My Craft Space. Managed to fit my desk in the closet. How awesome is that!

The Japanese Tansu Step Chest with my Chinese Altar Table. Two of my favorite pieces that I own.

Another view looking towards the balcony. The step chest acts as a nice divider between the living room and the kitchen.

Our balcony with the start of some plants and grass that will grow to provide some privacy.

Below is Christopher's acoustic guitar with my guitar and his banjo in cases behind.

a pic of christopher at his computer desk in the corner of the living room. we have a pretty decent view of aurora bridge and a little of gas works park. i love my hanging lanterns on the balcony too.

Still to come the bedroom. Christopher hung one of those Ikea suspended shelves at the head of our bed so I could display some Sabrina Ward Harrison prints that make me so happy to look at. I love being surrounded by things that I adore.