Friday, November 30, 2012

Home from Vacation

After Thanksgiving in Wenatchee, Christopher and I had planned a trip to Portland to see his brother Patrick and for me to shop shop shop. I was a little worried because it sounded like Christopher was going to cut my shopping in half (you know how men are!) But alas, I made it to every store that was on my heart's desire.
We started at Home Goods, Portland Nursery (i am so into terrariums), Artemisia (i died and gone to heaven), ate breakfast at Pine State Biscuit, checked into our hotel and waited for Patrick to meet up with us.
Patrick was running late and I was so itching to get to the Pearl District. Thankfully Christopher needed a break from shopping so I snuck off to the Pearl District and shopped at West Elm, Anthropologie, Canoe and Cargo. I was one happy little camper!
I made it back to the hotel and the whole gang was there. Everybody was pretty open to dinner so I suggested Tasty -n-Sons or Por Que No? from reviews I got online. Christopher wanted Mexican so we headed to Por Que No?  It was funny but at every restaurant we ate at, you would order at the counter and wait to be served.
Por Que No? is one happening spot albeit it is small, but it was hella crowded! Thank goodness the food was delicious. I had a Carnitas and the Al Pastor. I am still thinking about them today, yum!

The next day we packed up and headed to Cannon Beach/Arch Cape. Oh the joy of it all, lol! I couldn't wait to hear the sound of the waves. Oh wait, yes I could. I desperately wanted to visit Manor up on 23rd Ave. (a very expensive decor store where I would ooh and ahh.)
We finally hit the road and arrived at Arch Cape around 4pm. Christopher had found a rental home online thru Vacasa Rentals and we had a righteous view of the ocean.

On Tuesday, we headed to Cannon Beach and thank you Jesus the weather was all that I prayed for. Dry, warm and sunny skies.
 (this photo above is actually the beach at arch cape)

We had such a pleasant trip, but it's good to be home!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Road Trip East

This Thanksgiving we went to Christopher's mom in Wenatchee.
We had a pleasant drive going thru Snoqualmie pass and made it to Wenatchee a little after 1pm. For the past 3 years I have been with Christopher, we have always gone to my Uncle Ron's home for a big Wiley gathering. Now that his mom has moved from Arizona to Washington it seemed fitting to have Thanksgiving with his family. 
We had a great visit with Fred, Aloma, Kelly, Steve and Freddie and a wonderfully cooked Thanksgiving meal. Luckily we got to take some turkey, pie and cake home too.
Here's a picture of Christopher's mom and sister. Aloma asked that I not post her photo, but seriously this is a gorgeous photo of them all. It would be a shame not to share the family love!
Christopher's sweatshirt says it all. Live united!

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving too!