Saturday, September 14, 2013

Check off the to do list, woot!

Back when we lived in Seattle, I had these two chairs I wanted to reupholster. Having never done anything like it before I just hoped for the best!
Here is what we started with.

Once we undressed it, we got it to look like this.
I wanted a fun pattern and bought a tan colored zebra print. Wasn't sure how Christopher would feel about that, but he seemed not to mind.
After months of letting it sit on the back burner, we finally made the final push to complete the 2 chairs.
Here they are now or here is one now. We finished both I just didn't photograph them together.
Sprayed painted her white and backed it with a tan colored velvet. I think I should have gone with the darker color in the zebra print, but it's too late now since I am done with her! I think sewing the cording was what took me so long to finish. It seemed a little daunting, but once I started it wasn't that bad. I originally had planned to do a double cording, but I didn't have the right presser foot for it. It's not perfect, but these hands of mine and Christopher got the job done which we are proud of!

Yes, I still make cards.....

It's been awhile, but I still love to make cards especially birthday cards.
Here's Adora's 51st card

and Yolande's birthday card

I bought a pack of banners made by Pebbles and combined it with stitching, a vellum bag of cheer, a dotted background using Heidi Swapp's stencil and Color Shine and some sprayed seam binding made for a fun day of card making.

Here's some more...

and here's a picture of my desk...

 which will stay like this for some time, yawn!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcome Autumn!

Linda gave birth to her 3rd and final child! Welcome Autumn Rain!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Shed Mahal

With so many projects on our to do list, Christopher can finally cross off build a shed, woot woot!

Here is the spot where we envisioned Shed Mahal.
 progress, progress

may I present Shed Mahal! not only do we have a shed built by Christopher himself, but we also have some enormous sunflowers that attract hummingbirds or so I am told by my neighbor.

Oh, I also must share my purple mountain grass that I love so much planted back in May. Check out how fast they grew!

and here they are today...

While I am on a roll, here is another corner of our backyard. Remember this is what we started with.

and here we are today...

we are getting closer and closer to our end vision. next up garden beds and trellises.