Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 3 Yellow Banks to Ozette Lake

Things I forgot to mention before I start on Day 3...waking up from our first camp night at Starbucks Mine with dry warm socks only to put on wet shoes making my feet instantly wet. wasn't expecting that! got a few laughs from the guys about my naivety. Matt forgot to bring camp shoes and found himself one left foot flip flop in the logs. I believe in the power of prayer and asked the good Lord to provide a right foot flip flop in his size, so we were on the lookout for that too. Our 2nd night we camped at Yellow Banks and had a beautiful spot perched above the ocean with a spectacular view of the waves and sunset. Christopher was completely stoked and it made me happy to see him so happy.

Day 3 the clouds started to come in and we packed up early and headed north around 9 a.m. only to encounter again higher than normal tides. (btw...as we were leaving guess what Christopher found in the logs? A right foot flip flop for Matt. We laughed about that for some time.) We should have been able to walk around the rocky cape, but instead had to go over slick rock with waves coming in. I wanted to wait it out as long as possible because I so did not want to get maytagged again especially on our last day walking back to the car.
Unfortunately, the guys wanted to go and so we go. They were especially accommodating to me and Matt carried my backpack and Christopher made sure I didn't get swept out to sea. Once we got thru that, I put my pack back on and continued on mostly sandy beach the rest of the way with a nice rain coming down on us. Again I am pretty exhausted, putting one foot in front of another pushing myself onward. We arrived at Sand Point Beach and started the 3 mile trek inland to our car over slick boardwalk. It was such an exhilarating feeling to have started and finish this hike. All I wanted was a hot burger and fries!

I wish I could say the trip went fantastic, but alas I couldn't believe I got car sickness on the way home. Started to feel nauseated plus Matt was driving like a demon around the S curves equals Sandy puking her guts out on the side of the road! I no longer craved a burger and fries and ended up getting Sprite and a baked potato.
When we arrived home there are things you want to do: take a shower, wash clothes and chill. Can you imagine our surprise when we see a sign hanging on our apt. door that says the City of Seattle will be shutting the water off from 8 p.m. Sunday to 4 a.m. Monday.

Holy Sh*t and Uneffingbelievable were words that crossed my mind. I checked my watch and it was 8:04 p.m.!!! I figured city workers weren't very timely so I wagered the water would still be on and gosh darnit I would get my shower. And that I did and as soon as I finished I start yelling at Christopher to take one too because there is no way he's coming to bed smelling the way he did, LOL! We had quite the adventure!

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