Sunday, April 24, 2011

Procession of the Species

"The 17th Annual Procession of the Species Celebration

Saturday 4:30pm Imagine…Create…Share

Created by the community for the community, the Procession of the Species is a colorful and joyous street pageant using the languages of art, music and dance to inspire cultural appreciation, understanding and protection of the natural world. Come celebrate your element: Earth, Air, Fire or Water. Rain or Shine!"

We headed down to Olympia to see the Procession of the Species parade. It was my first time and it is quite the site. Not your average parade. No advertisement, No motorized anything, All costumes handmade. It was really cool to see what ideas people came up with for their costumes.

Some of my favorites were the jelly fish, squid, seagulls and crows. Oh, and I can't forget the giant razor clam that playfully sticks his head out.

After the parade ended, we headed to a restaurant for barbeque and got in just in time. The line after us was crazy long!!! We ended the day by driving to Cabela's to use a Christmas gift card and then to my sister's to hang out with my family.

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