Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Craziness is Over

we got all the big furniture out by 4pm Saturday, woot! and i didn't even have to help.
my gig was to pack the boxes and move it into the hallway/stairway for loading.
By 6pm Christopher tells me, "don't worry, it's not that bad." i look down and he is dripping blood from his hand. once he returns from the bathroom i ask what are you going to do. He said, "you are going to drive me to the ER."
so off we go, to wait 3 hours at harborview for 8 stitches.
i could go on and on about which moments nearly broke me down.
i will say i on sunday i almost started to cry, but i held back my tears and sucked it up.

it is over now, thank you Jesus! all that's left is cleaning the old place. we are almost unpacked too because that little streak of OCD in me can't live in boxes! :)

and i must say....I Love Our New Place! Sandy has a craft room, woot!

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