Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ice Skates and Ponies

we had christopher's kids for a fun packed weekend. we started with skateboarding in the rain and the girls definitely did not mind getting wet. then it was off to the ice skating rink.
Christopher placed the highest bid at the United Way auction for this ice skating package and what a good one it was. They all want to go back.
After ice skating we picked up 2 pumpkin carving kits. elizabeth and megan both carved bat
kitty, william carved a grave site, christopher a scary mean face and i did the ghosts. it was so much fun and the accomplishment of seeing them lit was a high. elizabeth made us pumpkin
bread before we went to sleep.

our last day together we went to pony paradise for a halloween festival. they fished for plastic duckies, got face paintings, bobbed for apples, took a covered wagon ride, bounced on bouncy toys, played ping pong (my favorite!), fed a llama and goats, and the finale were the pony rides.

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