Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Full Weekend

and by full I mean full house! last friday we had christopher's kids for the weekend and on saturday my sister calls asking to spend the night because they have been without power for 2 days. i said come on up. it just means there will be NINE people in our 2 bedroom apt! (my sister, mom, skylar and seth) insert Lord Jesus, please restore their power!
it was all good though. had a good visit. christopher took the kids to the park and we went shopping at REI. Linda got those barefoot running shoes (not those funny toe kind) super comfy she says, but i was eyeing the merrell moab waterproof hiking boot. i have an upcoming beach hike to think about :)

sunday, my mom stayed home with seth and linda dropped us off at the movie theater to catch a matinee of E.T. Linda was excited to go to Glazer's camera store for the first time while i was excited to see E.T. again. the folks at SIFF did a really good job preparing for the family friendly movie. before it started they invited all the kids down for a Scream Contest with candy as the prize. they had to watch Gert (drew barrymore) scream as she sees E.T. for the first time and mimick it. May i just say here that Christopher's youngest Megan won the contest! can i get a woot woot! it was so funny. i wish i would have recorded it. her face was hilarious as she screamed at the top of her lungs.

i leave you with some adorable photos of seth. everybody wanted to hold him.

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