Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Hike

With Christopher gearing to go on a 47 mile hike in July, we've been trying to get out once a week for a nice day hike. Today it was a 10 mile trek roundtrip on the Taylor River Trail aka Snoqualmie Lake Trail.
There wasn't much of an elevation gain so I had nothing to complain about! Once I read this online I was sold. "While nearby Mt. Si bristles with sweating hikers, and the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Trail hosts hordes of outdoor enthusiasts, the Taylor River Trail - an old road that's been reclaimed by the forest - goes largely unnoticed and unused."

 We stopped at Marten Creek for lunch (pb&j, one hard boiled egg and a baggy of dried pineapple.)
 The Big Creek bridge marked the stopping point of our 5 mile trek in.

Me and Christopher
 On our way back we took a side trip to Otter Falls.You had to look for a cairn (pile of rocks) which would signify turning north up a hill for a few hundred yards

 It was quite spectacular watching the water slide down the huge vertical granite slabs.
With tired feet and legs we made it home by 7pm and will definitely experience a good night sleep!
i hope to do better on the next video!sorry for the dizziness.

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