Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy 90th and House Update

On Saturday my grandpa celebrated his 90th birthday with his first birthday party. Over 90 people rsvp'd for the party at his house. It was a family reunion for sure and he was so so happy. He thanked everyone for coming than said his next party will be at 100 and he sure hoped we would be around in 10 more years!
My camera died so I had to rely on my phone which doesn't take the best photos, but I am happy to have them. I love my grandpa so much. I got my creative genes from him.

top is me, middle photo is with my sister Linda, and the bottom photo is my grandpa's prized humpty dumpty that he has painted and sealed. He said humpty dumpty had to sit on the food table and so he did.

Still been working on the house. There is so much to do! No rest for the wicked or myself.
Here's a photo of my craft room before. It was a big Ick. Christopher and I put mud on the walls to smooth out the paneling, sanded it down then painted it ultra bright white and one wall dark grey.
 I plan on taking more photos to show the whole room because the closet was so icky too.
I put my Sabrina Ward Harrison prints on the grey wall and finally got to use my spinner from Paper Zone's going out of business sale. I also scored the desk and credenza from work for free.

Here's the family room. I know the photo doesn't really show how ugly it was, but trust, it was!
 We painted the walls and ceiling ultra bright white and the lower wall dark grey plus the fireplace wall all grey. We have 2 sofas in there that form an L.

 Bought a credenza off of craigslist and filled it with plants and terrariums. happy place! also bought a fiddle leaf fig from home depot for $13 per emily henderson's recommendation.
Need to put photos in those Ikea frames, mount the tv to the wall, set up the sound system and dvd player  then figure out what I want to do with the mantle. What I have on their now is temporary only.

Dining Room
Bought a round Ikea tulip table from craigslist for $40 (originally $200), super score in my book. That light fixture must go I just haven't decided what to replace it with. Bought ombre curtains from Target and added the the bamboo blinds we used in our old apt. for the balcony. Notice those two white chairs? I still need to finish the backs, but I painted them white and love how they turned out. Will have to do a side by side of the before and after once I really finish them. The 2 other chairs will go too once I find a replacement.

 Living Room
 So far just my altar table shot. I need to get nice thick curtains. I have turquoise everywhere in that room.

I used the folding screen from the living room and put it behind our bed. Also used the rope tables from our balcony as our nightstands. Bought those bright orange/yellow pillows from Zara.

 Two tourquoise lamps from Pier 1 above and a shot from the shelf in the master bathroom below. I added more turquoise using a picture frame for a tray to house beauty supplies.
 More to come!

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