Monday, June 10, 2013

Labor of Love

I love my house. I come home and have so much space to work with. Inside feels comfortable and cozy which I am slowly adding to. Outside is a transformation in progress. Most of my time is spent out there instead of the craft room, eek!
I will get back to scrapbooking, but for now I am manifesting my heart's desire out there.

Here are some photos chronicling our work.

1. Big grassy  rectangle of a backyard. 2. My dad came over with his tractor. (had to take part of the fence down!) 3. Christopher spray painted the area we wanted tilled and my dad went to work. 4. Bought my first plants and laid cardboard down to prevent the weeds coming up.

5. & 6. Covered the cardboard pieces with the organic mulch from Carpinito Bros and laid paths with wood chips.7. Dug a trench to start our edging. We decided on pouring concrete and then thin setting skinny slabs of slate on top. 8. Mapped out our garden into 4 quadrants. Building of the beds are yet to come.

9.Yard is coming along. All the trenches are dug. Just waiting for the concrete. Lots of moss in the back yard to be dealt with later.

10. Concrete poured and the slate tiles have been thin setted. Edging is 90% complete. Just waiting to do the curves.

There is so much more to do in the backyard. We would like to build a shed in the corner, build our garden beds, build 2 trellises, 2 round retaining walls, jack hammer the concrete patio and lay down pavers. It's a huge to do list that we are working on weekend by weekend.

One day I will get back into my craft day!

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