Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy 4th of July

 I was talking with Christopher that we needed to get away from working on the house which is what we do every weekend, so he planned a trip for us out to the coast. I thought we would go back to Shi Shi, but we ended up going to Cape Alava where we would camp just south of the Ozette River.

What I liked most is when Christopher said the hike to the beach would be 3 miles! Music to my ears! We haven't done a 20 miles hike in awhile and I kinda like that.
We saw at least 3 different parties in the parking lot with dogs only to turnaround and leave because pets are not allowed on the beach. It was a heck of a drive in and I can't imagine having to turnaround.

We brought fireworks only to come across this sign. It was a bummer not to light our rockets, but we were good law abiding citizens :(
The hike to the beach went by quick and we scoped out the best perch for our camp site. After we were all set up, our main concern was eating and resting which we did for the next 48 hours! We like to say we did a whole lotta of nothing! Each evening we would roast corn on the cob in the fire and prepare tortellini on Christopher's jet boil then watch the sun set. 

Day 1 Sunset

Day 2 Sunset

It felt good again to put my pack on and take step after step until you hit your destination.

When we entered the beach it was covered in dry seaweed. Thankfully, our camp was further north where less seaweed was to be found. The smell was pretty foul and I can't imagine why folks would want to camp next to that, but sure enough people did.

Our perch is right thru that trail. I like that we picked a spot where people wouldn't be walking thru our camp site.  Here we are sitting on a log doing a whole lotta of nothing!
Hope you had a happy 4th of July! We sang God Bless America and gave extra cheer when we sang "To the oceans white with foam."

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