Saturday, February 8, 2014

Laundry Room Makeover

Since we moved to the house last year, I hadn't really focused on our laundry room with so many other things going on like replacing the baseboards with an electric furnace/ducting and landscaping the backyard. Once we got that out of the way I began to think how I could pretty up the laundry room.
It looked like this....bad ugly paneling!

Christopher took down the paneling and put up a thin sheet rock. After he mudded and sanded it, I painted the walls Benjamin Moore Gray Owl and the doors/trim a bright white. Note: I had suggested to my coworker how awesome Gray Owl was via Emily Henderson's blog and she bought it only to dislike the color. She was so generous she gave me the whole gallon. I was jumping for joy!
Here's the room coming along...

The previous owner had these three shelves which I wanted to replace with cabinets, but decided to hold off and see how I could pretty them up.

In order to hide the spigot to the washer, Christopher built me a box to elevate the washer and dryer. I then told him I wanted a cabinet to house the hampers and he went to work. We also added pegboard to the opposite wall which helps to organize my cleaning products. My inspiration came from Elsie's laundry room photographed on A Beautiful Mess' website.
Here is the room almost complete. I have yet to find a long runner to cover the gross carpet. And I need to clean the black mat which got goopy after Christopher mudded the walls.

Feels good to have a room come to almost completion. Moving onto the bathrooms!

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