Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Been 2 Years

and i haven't had a migraine until yesterday! you will never guess what triggered pong. i love ping pong and this week has been our staff appreciation week with our ping pong tournament.

this year i was in charge and kept score. i was so stoked until i realized that sitting in the middle watching that little ball go back and forth triggered an aura. i was seeing stars, my tongue went numb and tingly as well as my left hand. i tried to endure, but once the naseua set in my boss called a taxi and i went home.

unfortunately, that's when the migraine started right above my right eye and sleep was inevitable. i threw up 5 times and thank the good lord christopher came home at 6pm. it was nice not to feel alone.

so here it is friday and i feel 90% better. still low energy, tired and my stomach feels raw, but stupid me came into work. looking forward to the weekend for sure!

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