Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Ever since my migraine hit I have been feeling nausea here and there and it was so frustating having to come to work feeling like that. Finally last Friday my coworker suggested I take a motion sickness pill like Dramamine and it did the trick! I actually got meclizine because it had less side effects. I felt so good we went rock climbing last Saturday. Will write more about that at another time with some pics too.
I also get a pat on the back for making sure Christopher's mom got a package on mother's day as well as splurging on my own momma. I totally surprised her with a pair of flat Coach shoes which she has been eyeing for a couple weeks now.
Slowly but surely I am gradually getting back into scrapbooking. So far I made an envelope album from the house of 3 website and I have a monthly craft meet with my girlfriends on the 22nd. Here's to sparking the crafting juices!

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