Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back From Vacation

I have had the most relaxing vacation spent camping up in leavenworth. we arrived on july 5th after most campers left and claimed a most righteous camping spot on the river at eight mile i am not an experienced camper. i have maybe camped twice in my life for 4-H before i went on the beach hike with christopher in march. this time i wanted a little comfort and bought a nice air mattress. christopher said he felt guilty for enduring such luxury while camping. not me, i loved every moment laying down.this 6-man tent rocked for 2 people. i loved being able to stand up as well as zipping the sides down for a 360 view of the outdoors. we woke up every morning to this mountain and every night fell asleep to a sky full of stars. thank the good lord we picked such a good week to go..absolutely no rain!
we did a lot of sitting by the river in the 90 degree heat and napping. i heard this a lot from christopher, "guess what i have to do today? nothing!"
on my birthday, we drove up to the stuart lake trail head and hiked 9 miles roundtrip to colchuck lake. omg, it was a doozy! after 1.75 miles, the climb begins in earnest and feels like a never ending rugged staircase going up. Colchuck Lake is a landlocked lagoon at 5570 feet. The view is spectacular and i wish i could show you, but i left the camera in the tent. so here is a photo that i snagged from g. schrempp off the internet.

"Colchuck Lake is one of the prettiest alpine lakes in the region. The trail to the lake climbs steeply through shaded woods before reaching the the turquoise waters of the lake delivering those spectacular views of Dragontail and Colchuck peaks."

This was a harder hike for me due to the heat and the steep ascent over rocky terrain. As we descended the mountain I patted myself on the back for making it to our destination.

As we came to the parking lot, Christopher remembered he could take photos with his phone and snagged several shots of the trailhead sign and a group of 7 monarch butterflies chilling in a mud puddle. All I could think about is how fast I could drive to O'Grady's pantry/deli for a thirst quenching beverage!

I've been going slowly thru my email and want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes.
Peace Out!

oh and here's a link to the rest of our camping photos

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