Monday, July 12, 2010

Check Me Out!

So if you have ever seen a picture of me you can tell I am pretty plain jane. Makeup was never my thing 1. because I just never knew how to apply nor was I confident to and 2. if I could get away with it I would save money.

Before I went on vacation, my coworker Kellie asked if I wanted to be a model for her book. I was thinking after a week of camping I would like to get dolled up, so I said yes thinking she was the one who was going to apply the makeup. Well, I was wrong! I had to apply the makeup which is something I always wanted to do with someone with experience around. So thank you Kellie for enduring all my questions and mess ups to help me find my way! I don't think I look that
bad, ha! If you need or want to buy Mark Kay product you can get it here at

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