Sunday, July 31, 2011

happy birthday skylar!

survived the party at chuck e. cheese. madhouse i say, crazy fun madhouse!
the birthday boy was a master in the ticket blaster. he managed to grab 1400 tickets in the booth alone which was quite impressive. i had no idea he would do that well. tons of tokens were handed out and by the time we left skylar had accumulated over 2000 tickets. lucky kid! (he had the help of grandma and auntie giving him their tickets too)
also survived another kid week with christopher's kids. they visited the seattle public library and checked out a handful of books and movies, played at ravenna park which i highly recommend the little zipline, went to skylar's birthday party, and finally drove down south to visit their grandpa and grandma.


Adora Concepcion said...

he is so handsome Sandy!!! :)

zerry ht said...

Seems to be quite enjoyable birthday celebrations. I am planning a lavish birthday party for my sister at one of the lovely LA venue next month. Will order a big truffle cake. Surely will go for her favorite yellow flowers and lightings.