Saturday, September 14, 2013

Check off the to do list, woot!

Back when we lived in Seattle, I had these two chairs I wanted to reupholster. Having never done anything like it before I just hoped for the best!
Here is what we started with.

Once we undressed it, we got it to look like this.
I wanted a fun pattern and bought a tan colored zebra print. Wasn't sure how Christopher would feel about that, but he seemed not to mind.
After months of letting it sit on the back burner, we finally made the final push to complete the 2 chairs.
Here they are now or here is one now. We finished both I just didn't photograph them together.
Sprayed painted her white and backed it with a tan colored velvet. I think I should have gone with the darker color in the zebra print, but it's too late now since I am done with her! I think sewing the cording was what took me so long to finish. It seemed a little daunting, but once I started it wasn't that bad. I originally had planned to do a double cording, but I didn't have the right presser foot for it. It's not perfect, but these hands of mine and Christopher got the job done which we are proud of!

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