Saturday, October 19, 2013

Squirrels & Pumpkins

now that fall is here we had to chop down the sunflowers since they were looking pretty droopy. the squirrels were loving meal time at my house. christopher caught an amazing photo of a squirrel hanging upside down from a flower and enjoying a nice meal of seeds. unfortunately, he was a messy eater. i have seed shells everywhere.

next year i will wait a little longer before roasting so the sunflower really dries out. for roasting, i just soaked them in salt water overnight and roasted for 40 minutes.

next up on the agenda....pumpkin carving!
we have all three of christopher's kids this weekend so it was time to carve pumpkins.

 Elizabeth's on the left, Megan's on the right.
William's on the left and Christopher's on the right.

i have a small corner in the family room with my pumpkin assortment. of course, i had to go for the white pumpkins because they are tre chic.

on the home front, i have been busily decorating the family room walls. i bought 5 prints from society6 and framed them with ikea frames. i just need one more large print to finish off the gallery wall. i included two canvases i did myself in photoshop. i saw this hilarious statement and knew it would work well. "Kindly Refrain From Whining." So appropriate!

 i even used my chevron washi tape for the canvas border. love how it turned out. the other canvas was a nice dalai lama quote.

here's a pic of the fire place mantle. christopher hasn't complained too much about the amount of pink i have brought into the room. when i saw that pink peony print at society6 it was a total must have. since then i check back often to see new work at society6. you should check them out. they have great prices! i also think the bull skull on the wall helps to counter the feminine feel of the room.

i don't think i ever posted my birthday present from dad. it is so cool. a four horned ram skull. i think it kinda freaked christopher's kids out, which is good so they don't touch it. elizabeth has named it charlie.
keeping my eyes peeled for a skeleton of a small animal perhaps a squirrel to add to my collection.

on the crafting front, i am making good progess on christmas cards. my last craft day with victoria and adora proved to be very productive. we all came away with 9+ finished cards.
i will post those shortly. hope your fall season is off to a good start :)

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