Friday, December 6, 2013

December I feel you

so cold here in the pacific northwest. I can't leave the house without my winter jacket, scarf & gloves. I do not like being cold. I wait til the very last second possible to get out of my car to catch the train to work. While waiting to cross the street I look for people bigger than myself to stand behind to block the chill. And I finally bought de-icer for my windshield so I don't have to continually scrape and scrape. De-icer has totally changed my mornings from sad bear to happy bear!
i know it's been a long time since I posted and much has happened around the home front. christopher and i rented the atticat from home depot and blew in insulation. i had the pleasure of feeding the atticat and it was easy as pie. christopher might say the same about being in the attic, but he definitely had the messier job.
it was just like pink fluffy snow. i am so glad we finally took the time to do this project ourselves. so much cheaper than hiring out.

the beginning of november, victoria and i attended the scrapbook convention in bellevue. had a blast shopping and missed adora who was hosting a birthday party for ari. after the convention, i have been in full craft mode making christmas cards for the holiday bazzar at my work. i whipped up a birthday card for my coworker eli who likes steampunk. i think she will be surprised when she opens it
i had a most wonderful thanksgiving with my family and even accomplished some diy projects on my to do list. that always makes me happy. attempted to see what the hoopla was about on black thursday, but only lasted 10 minutes before i walked out. i have no interest in waiting in a big arse line!

i totally enjoyed every minute I spent with this little guy.

he remembers me now and will run up to me for a hug which was not the case a couple of weeks ago. his vocabulary is increasing which i am so thankful for. one day seth you won't have to watch from the window when the big kids get to play or your dad puts up the christmas lights. one day!

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