Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Cards have been Mailed

I had fun this year making my Christmas cards which is all due to the fact that my craft group got a headstart in October. That burst of creative energy helped me to finish early and enjoy the Christmas season as one should.
Here's a pic of our gift exchange at Adora's on Dec. 14th. These girls appreciate all the effort I put into wrapping their gifts.
The cards below are from our October get together. We each made 3 Christmas cards to share and came home with 9 ready made cards plus additional ones we made during the day. Victoria did the deer cards, Adora did the "it's the most wonderful time of the year" printable with red polka dots and washi Christmas tree, and I did a shooting star type card.

and here are more Christmas cards I made...

On Heidi Swapp's blog she showed a tutorial using her folders to make a card set. I had some colored folders that I have been hording for some time and decided this year was the right time to use them.

 and that's all I got! Hope you are warm and enjoying a holiday movie sipping a nice ginger ale brew!

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