Friday, March 7, 2014

Half Bathroom Makeover

So after the beach hike Christopher started the process of gutting our half bathroom. I was so excited because I got a sweet deal on this marble top vanity at Lowes. There were 5 pages of reviews with people loving or hating it so I went for it because I was of the kind who loved it.

Here's the bathroom when we moved in. Not terribly bad. They put in new flooring which I didn't care about. The vanity top wasn't bad either, I just wanted something that screamed modern and new. What I absolutely hated was the mirror and cabinet straight out of the 70's. Also the faucet was hard on the wrists to turn on.        

 Here Christopher has gutted the bathroom, woohoo!
 I bought Tavern Oak Floor Laminate at Lowes, which I am pretty happy about. I love that reclaimed vintage look.
I bought everything at Lowes since they are close to where we live. It makes me so happy to have something nice to look at in my older home. I also bought the tri-fold medicine cabinet and a Delta wide spread faucet.

Pretty inexpensive with Christopher doing the labor. Flooring, baseboards, marble vanity top, faucet, and medicine cabinet. The only thing left is installing a new light fixture. Babe, thank you so much for working on this project! I love it.

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