Friday, March 7, 2014

Mini Vacation to the Coast

It was that time of year for our annual hike on the Washington coast. Christopher knows how to pick those dry warm sunny days because Sandy don't like camping in the rain! This year we hiked from Third Beach to Toleak Point. We were a party of 6 with 2 two people who had never hiked the coast before.

 Christopher with his brother Patrick

 I waited for Mike and Matt to climb up with the ropes for a photo op, but they just chatted and chatted.
 My Osprey pack
 The weather was so perfect Matt had to work on his tan.
 Sunset Friday night
 Doing a whole lotta nothing on a Saturday morning at the beach.

 There were quite a few rope climbs which I am all for. When the legs are tired I will always have my arm strength. Note to self: always use gloves on the rope climbs. your hands will thank you.

Our walk out Sunday morning was crazy. A certain somebody didn't want to be ready by 8am so we missed our opportunity for a low tide walk out. We got to experience getting hit by waves, mud to our calves and being stranded for 2.5 hours here on a perch in the rain until we could get around this cape. Nonetheless, it was a fun vacation with laughs all around. Can't wait til the next hike!

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