Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Happy

Hello there! I haven't visited my blog in awhile because I've been busy busy with the garden. So much progress has been made. We planted sunflowers again that have taken off and should provide a nice privacy screen. Isn't it lovely to be able to see your neighbor washing dishes, ack! The vegetable garden has grown tremendously to my delight. I have eaten all the cauliflower and am waiting on the red cabbage, zucchini and cucumbers. We also ate most of the radishes and had plenty to share with neighbors and coworkers. Our pumpkins have taken over the garden bed and Christopher will need to do some pruning if he wants his watermelons to come in. I am so happy we planted blueberry bushes. Been picking big fat juicy blueberries.

Christopher built our first arbor and it turned out exactly as I'd hoped. I kinda messed up on the stain, but hoping it can be remedied. I can't remember if I mentioned he built a new fence in the front yard courtesy of our neighbor. It makes such a huge difference going from a small rickety white fence to a taller 6ft fence.

I also pressured washed a couple hundred feet of our fence in the backyard and wow, what a difference. Let's see what else have we painted the shed a shade of Gentle Wave by Valspar, which I am really digging. I also painted our front door the same color. Added stone edging to the front yard. I bought 2 container pots and made my own arrangements that make me smile every time I look at them. I seriously need to take some new pictures tonight.

Back in June we celebrated Christopher's girls 11th birthday. We had Megan that weekend and I made her this card.

Hoping to be able to get some more scrap time in this week.

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