Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I have the best partner ever! He took the day off yesterday so we could go to my favorite spots in Portland, OR for my 41st birthday.

First stop was downtown Portland for lunch at BluePlate. I was torn between BluePlate and Kenny and Zuke's Deli. Next time we will try Kenny and Zuke's, but we had no complaints at BluePlate. I ordered the northwest sliders and Christopher had the rueben both came with a side of mashed potatoes. They make their own sodas so no Dr. Pepper for me. I had the Karl Marxx which was sparkling lemonade and iced tea. Next time I will get what Christopher ordered - the Tooted Fruit (lemon, orange, strawberry and ginger) Yeah, that good!

After lunch we went to a favorite of mine -Cargo. I just found out they will be moving in a month so I will have to keep track of that. Fun import store, I hope the new store has A/C!

Once we were done in downtown we headed across the bridge to the Belmont District to an all-time favorite store - Artemesia. If you love succulents and terrariums this shop is for you.

Seattle has Midnight Blossom in Ballard that is comparable for sure, but there is always that one golden item I find here that I can't find anywhere else. I brought home a cute pink mini sea urchin shell, 2 large pink sea fans, black hematite sand and mustard green mood moss. I left one happy customer!

We also drove to the Portland Nursery and walked around in the hot heat only to come up empty handed. Christopher was a gem when I suggested we go to Lloyd Center. I know he isn't a fan of malls, but I wanted to get some tax free clothing. I found 3 pairs of pants and 2 shirts at Macy's at such a great price. I heart shopping in Portland!

For dinner, which is the main reason I wanted to go to Portland for my birthday was to relive the tacos at Por Que No? 

We started with the chips and salsa which are delicious. They make their own chips and Christopher was kind enough to give me all the chips that had extra sea salt. He ordered the pollo verde and al pastor and I ordered the al pastor and carnitas. I drank a watermelon marrionberry juice to wash down the spicy al pastor.

We left feeling full and satisfied and made one more stop before leaving Oregon at Lowes. Couldn't resist tax free plants!

So thankful for Christopher for taking me to my favorite spots in PDX! Love you babe!

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