Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Go Big or Go Home!

It's nice to be able to look out the kitchen window and see a back yard that makes you smile. I remember when we first moved in, the back yard was such an eye sore. We had a legion of dandelions that mocked me daily until I couldn't take it any more. Christopher likes to take it slow and steady so I can only imagine what he felt as I came full force with a mission to re-landscape the back yard.
He is a good sport and a wonderful carpenter who brings my dreams to reality. (I never tire of our before and after photos)

Here is the start of our 2nd arbor and privacy screen.
 Our neighbors felt like they were on set of Lord of the Rings waiting for the Orcs to scale the fence.

That is a 6 foot ladder for comparison. Go big or go home, eh! It really feels like we are in the home stretch. Tear out some grass to create a fire pit area and jack hammer the existing patio and re-pour a new patio and the back yard will be done of big projects. When that day comes there will be a big Par Tay!

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Anne Michael-Smith said...

Wow - amazing transformation.