Monday, August 11, 2014

Keystone, CO

Christopher's son Nathan finally tied the knot to his one and only Bre. It was my first time in Bronco land and I couldn't believe how flat it was. Christopher and his three other kids drove to the wedding and made a Griswald family vacation to Yellowstone then picked me up at the airport.
First impression -- Denver traffic sucks big time. When we finally made it out of Denver proper we started to see the mountain side of Denver ,but only on 2 lanes. A 90 mile trip took just short of 4 hours. 

We thought we would have plenty of time to freshen up for the Friday rehearsal dinner, but with traffic we rolled into the Dam Brewery straight from the airport.

We got to meet Bre's family, Nathan's mom side of the family and the bridal party. It was fun watching Christopher beam as a proud parent. Nathan and Bre painted Chinese sayings and framed them as gifts for the bridal party and their parents. Christopher's says joyful and kind (if i can remember correctly) Nathan and Bre are both poets and the poem Nathan penned for his dad was so thoughtful and touching. Christopher tears up every time he reads it.

On the day of the wedding, we took a 30 minute gondola ride to the ceremony. It was beautifully situated on the mountain top. I believe Bre's dad and brother made the trellis.

I unfortunately did not get any photos of the happy couple with their dad. Nathan and Bre gave Megan and Elizabeth the duty of handing out the programs and mini bottles of bubbles.

William had the duty of walking Bre's mom down the isle. Quite the job for the young man! I say these two look dazzling.

Nathan and Bre are totally think outside of the box kind of people and they cut the cake first before dinner.
 Yes that is all cake. The logs look so real!

Check out the dessert table. Yum!
Can you say Candied Bacon S'mores!

The couples' first dance was by a band I never heard of called Cake and they made sure to get their groove on.

One of the fun things Nathan and Bre planned for their wedding was a photo booth with props. I think Megan loved the photo booth the most. We were able to put our photos in their scrapbook and take an additional copy home with us. What a great idea!
Here are some of our photos.

This is just a snippet of the photos the kids took. It pretty much consumed them all night long. The next day we attended Nathan and Bre's farewell brunch and said our goodbyes as we headed home and they head back to China on Wednesday. It was super special to be apart of their wedding and I pray many blessings their way.

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