Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dec. 1 & 2

Lucky for me, I took Dec. 1st and 2nd off from work for an extended holiday vacation. While folks were hard at work on a Tuesday afternoon, I went out Christmas shopping and enjoyed little to no lines. I'm still thinking of the perfect gift for Christopher, but for the most part have finished! Woot! I also have my sister and mom's birthday and my mom is tough to shop for.

After our big win last Thursday, I made my first Seahawk Christmas tree. Ben Franklin demo'd glittered ornaments with the number 12 on them and i liked them so much I knew I was going to make more. They had a glue you could buy for $6 for 2 oz., but I found online that you can use Pledge Floor Shine (27 oz.) for the same price. Basically you need a glue that is very liquid, which makes coating the inside of the ornament easy.

My goal is to post something I made every day in the month of December. I am already cutting myself some slack, ha!

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