Friday, May 29, 2015

In bloom

When I wake in the morning I love to open the curtains and see how much the garden has grown. Two years ago, Christopher planted one lupine and it has successfully increased. The first year I was worried because the leaves looked white and moldy, but this year they just flourished.



The purple smoke bush has finally grown taller than the fence, woot! Our neighbor has a mature one that looks 20+ feet tall.

I also bought it's sister the lime smoke bush and it's coming along as well.

Here's my army of lamb's ear.

For my birthday last year, I asked my dad if he had any steel containers that i could turn into planters. He ended up giving me an older water tank that Christopher cut down and now house these guys.

I planted some stonecrop and some flowering bulbs. The smaller container has onions and thyme from Aunt Kelly to Christopher's girls.

Gonna put in a request for another water tank!  Happy planting!

oh i almost forgot to share the vertical succulent boxes.

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Lisa said...

Sandy is that barberry and a boxwood in front of your lime smoke bush? I'm wondering what to plant in front of mine. I live in zone 5b in Illinois.