Tuesday, August 11, 2015

a little bit of summer

The past two weekends, Christopher and I have had lazy weekends. Since DIY is off the calendar, we are trying to get out more and hike. On the 1st, we walked for an hour and half on the trails at Point Defiance and last Saturday we walked a little bit on Ruston Way and found this cool water spot at the Chinese Reconciliation Park.

I actually had to pick and pick to get Mr. Outdoor Enthusiast out the door! He seemed quite content lounging at home :)

Also, this year I found a packet of white pumpkin seeds at Carpinito Bros. and couldn't wait to plant them. I love the look of white pumpkins! Very untraditional compared to orange pumpkins.
They have taken off and it is likely I will have more pumpkins this year then last.

So fun to watch these grow!

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