Friday, July 31, 2015

Twelve Years Ago...

I remember this day so well 12 years ago. I was working at Merrick and I got the call on my lunch break Linda was about to deliver. I hurried across the street to Swedish Hospital and made my way to her birthing suite. I stood at her door/curtain hesitant to go in. Part of me didn't want to see this business of life. Her nurse saw me and told her someone was here and Linda said, "Oh that's Sandy come on in."
Linda wanted pictures, but Donnie was by her head helping her to breathe, so Donnie gave me the camera. Funny how the things you don't really want to do, you end up doing! Linda was so pleased to have those pics.
Twelve years later, Skylar is a social butterfly, who loves to play lacrosse, rough house with his siblings, loves to play video games, knows all the latest and greatest things to do on his cell phone and is pure awesomeness to me. He Makes Life Awesome!
Happy Birthday Skylar! 

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Linda Wiley said...

I love you because you love this kid like I love this kid !
Thank you for everything you do for us Sandy !!