Thursday, March 16, 2017

First Hike in March - Snow Bowl Hut

On March 4th, I made the return trip back to Ashford, WA to hike Bruni's Snow Bowl Hut. Unfortunately for me, my left hip/groin area started to ache on the way up making it a slow go for me. I pushed on and was rewarded with such a beautiful view at the top.
Me in the chain gang pulling up the rear.

Me starting to fall back from my hip pain.

Such an incredibly beautful day. Thank you Jesus!
The snow was so fluffy all I wanted to do was fall in it.

Once you make it to the prayer flags you have hiked most of the elevation gain. Such a pretty site.

There's Snow Bowl Hut in the distance. Almost there!

Dave hauled a sled up and let us sled down too. If I didn't have my pack on or his gear in the sled I would have had a much easier time staying upright, ha! Fell over twice, but had so much fun. I love sledding!

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