Monday, December 6, 2010

hey there! thought i forgot about my blog, eh! had a busy last weekend in november. After thanksgiving, christopher and i headed down to portland to celebrate his brother's birthday. Had a good visit minus christopher forgetting his inhaler and the 2 cats at the house nearly killed him. ok, not really but he was weezing so bad. felt bad for him, but not bad enough that we couldn't do a little shopping! I am so in love with Cargo! it is the coolest store ever. Also visited Collage on Alberta St. that was a happening little place.

We drove home Saturday back to my sister's so we could have thanksgiving dinner again with my dad. Talk about being stuffed!
As if we didn't get enough of portland, oregon, we went back on Tuesday for the John Butler Trio concert. Such an awesome show! The crowd had a really good vibe and i could tell the band was feeding off of us and having a good time.

Last weekend I had a productive crafty time finishing my Christmas cards. Yep, they are all done. Just need to mail :) Joy Joy!!!
Have a great day!

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