Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After

Well, I hope you enjoyed Christmas day 2010! We spent the day and evening at my sister's playing with Skylar's new toys (remote helicopter, paper jams guitars and drums, nerf guns, etc.) The kid got a lot of stuff probably too much, but he is an only child and grandchild and nephew and we just can't help it! Christopher and I had the idea of shooting the helicopter down with the nerf guns which was all good and fun until Skylar's dad started yelling at him that he might damage the helicopter. His defense was Auntie and Christopher shot at it too! Oops!

Donnie made a most fabulous dinner of ham, potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad, corn on the cob, asparagus, and rolls. Stuffed myself pretty good too! We rolled ourselves over to the front room and began the circle of opening gifts. My dad has a tradition of bringing over Christmas stockings for everyone and fills it with useful and cool gadgets. I scored on hand and toe warmers! (totally needed for when i go camping)

My sister, donnie, dad and jannelle got me.....drum roll please.........................................................
the Teresa Collins Stampmaker machine....oh yeah baby!
so excited to make my own stamps! And last but not least, my baby bought me the creme de la creme of sleeping bags...a Big Agnes 15 degree Roxy Petite sleeping bag. Totally needed since I have been borrowing one of his bags. Now I have my own and it's a pretty green!
I am very thankful this year that I was able to bless my family and loved ones with gifts from my heart and they in return have blessed me.
Hope you felt the love too in your homes.
We ended the night watching The Chronicles of Narnia # 2 Prince Caspian.

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