Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fire in the backyard

A fire pit to be exact! Woot woot! My goal since moving into this house has been to reduce my mow time and since Christopher brought all these free bricks home I was so down on making a fire pit in this area.

I still need to figure out the seating area, but other than that it is done. We also added two large tree stumps we got for free off of Craigslist as little side tables. The only cost was the sand and gravel. I love a low budget DIY.

Here's what we had before -
(that's my dad with the bobcat)

I showed Christopher a pattern I liked and he started me off above here and I finished it off. Always a good feeling to accomplish a goal in mind.

I think we are done with the DIY this year. Ok, I know we are done with the DIY this year, lol! I've asked Christopher to draw up a rough estimate for the cost of wood for a new deck to replace the heavily cracked patio for next year. The last eye sore in the backyard.

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