Friday, July 24, 2015

Super Jump

Last week, my sister went on vacation so I jumped in to help my mom with Seth and Autumn. And I literally mean I jumped. Off we went to Super Jump for 90 minutes of bouncing and sliding. When Seth and I got to the top of the bouncy slide, I didn't hesitate and with him in my lap down we went. It was a rush for sure and Seth immediately said, "Again!" Let me tell you it was hard work getting Autumn up the ladder. The first time when she got almost to the top she wanted to turn around, but I talked her out of it and put her in my lap and had Seth sit close next to me with my arm around him. I counted down to 3 and off we went. It was pure laughter all the way down. Even my mom was laughing as we made it to the bottom.
  After the bouncy slide, Seth got to do the bungee jump and he was perma grin!

They can't wait to go again! 

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