Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

lots of good happenings over father's day weekend. started the weekend with an early departure from work, yay! thank you work for giving us a play day while the attorneys go on a retreat. made a trip to the market theater for theatersports comedy. 2 teams of 5 competing in an improv session with 3 judges and an audience full of suggestions. i would recommend for a nice fun outing. lots of good energy. there is also a crazy gum wall that definitely deserves a photo op.

saturday we had such good intentions of going on a day hike to get my legs back in shape, but laziness won out and we kicked it in bed most of the day. christopher said it was a most excellent day and i will have to agree! by 9pm we were ready to roll and headed to thai siam for some pork panang curry and pad thai. christopher ordered his with 3 stars out of 4 and paid the price! his head and hands were sweating, nose running and mouth on fire!

on father's day, christopher's dad came up and we met my dad and family at safeco field for the mariner's game against cinncinati. we won 1-0 and enjoyed a nice cold summer day in seattle! once the game was over, we went thru much deliberation to figure out where to eat and finally made it back to pike place market for dinner at cutter's. with our belly's stuffed, we said our goodbyes and headed home.

jeff, donnie, linda, me, jannelle, jim (my dad) and lee (christopher's dad). dustin and skylar.
pic taken by christopher.

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