Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My sister and I were talking last night about marriage and relationships and she said the best advice she heard was from a coworker who said no marriage is perfect and if they say their marriage is perfect or they present it as a perfect marriage they are faking it. I definitely agree that relationships take work, open communication and understanding.

Over Memorial Day weekend I spent a good 60 hours with Christopher and we had a total blast. This weekend had been planned for several months and we were counting down the days til May 28th arrived. It started with a hotel room at the Renaissance in downtown Seattle. My coworker won a gift certificate and she wanted cash for it and I wanted a good deal so I did my best to haggle her down. I wanted to use the hotel for the 28th because John Butler Trio performed that night with State Radio and I thought it would be fun to have a mini vacation away from home.

Chilling in our hotel room

If you love guitar I highly suggest listening to John Butler Trio on youtube. He played all my favorite songs and I got to dance the night away with my man. The opening act State Radio also played a good set mixed with rock and reggae. We picked up two t-shirts and stickers to remember this enjoyable evening.
(Us in our new t-shirts taken with my left hand unfortunately i cut christopher's head off, darn my short arm!)

Once we got back to the hotel we realized we totally forgot to eat dinner and ordered the worst steak wrap ever, but you know when you are hungry you'll put anything in your belly. Thankfully breakfast was much much better not only because it was free but it was super fresh. The Renaissance makes a good breakfast I will give them that. We also made sure to utilize the swimming pool and hot tub which I was so looking forward to because I can get these nasty knots in my shoulder from work.

By the time check-out came, we were ready to hit downtown and see Prince of Persia. Good Lord, Jake Gyllenhal has been working out! I thought he did action with a little comedy well.
For lunch, we used 2 Qdoba coupons we were handed off the street a week prior and I am so glad I stuck my hand out instead of ignoring them. 3 mini tacos with a side of beans aint too shabby once you add the word free to them.

Are you tired of reading this yet? Well, Sunday had to be the most lazy Sunday we have ever experienced! I got up once to make smoothies and after that we were in bed until 4pm which is when we thought would be a good time for breakfast/lunch. By 5pm we were out the door and walked 2 blocks up for the biggest free concert in the US. Ok, I have no idea if that is true but I thought I did hear someone say that Folklife Festival in Seattle indeed was. We wandered around for an hour, split an elephant ear, visited the beer garden and listened to a variety of music before heading downtown to see Fiddler on the Roof at the Paramount Theater.

Christopher mentioned how much he liked Fiddler on the Roof that I thought it would be an excellent way to end our weekend. I have to admit I have never seen it so I cheated and went to wikipedia and read the short version so I wouldn't get lost. I will agree that it was an entertaining musical. The lead male had great comical timing. My only problem is sitting for that long tends to drive my feet crazy and I had a bad case of happy feet! What really makes me happy is seeing Christopher enjoying himself and I would look over and see him smile which made me feel really good.

Thanks for a great weekend baby!

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Linda / Seattle said...

I loved hearing about your fantastic weekend, I couldn't be happier for you !!