Sunday, January 9, 2011

oh what a night

i am not a big sports fan. if there is a sport i like to watch it is tennis. i grew up watching football with my dad routing for the seahawks. some of my faves were jim zorn, steve largent and kurt warner.

so call me a playoff fan, but i was hooting and hollering for the seahawks against the saints on saturday. i remember watching marshawn lynch run for a touchdown and being in complete laughter and hollering mode. it was so spectacular to watch him break that many tackles.

to end our night, i had bought christopher tickets for his birthday to see joe satriani play at the snoqualmie ballroom. it was a small intimate venue and we had a nice view of the stage. the bass player was straight out of the 80's. long rocker frizzy hair down to his butt. thank you joe for playing my favorite song "always with you, always with me." pure bliss!

sunday was a lazy day while christopher visited with his kids. a little cleaning and a lot of naps! here is pic that i found of skylar with his new hat. quite the hat, huh!

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Annie said...

Awesome hat! I am sure that my brother would love to have this one, too! :)