Thursday, January 27, 2011

Still Pluggin Along

i have been meaning to finish this altered wood album i started weeks ago. for now, i am stuck deciding which photos i want to include. i hear most people start the creation process with the photos in mind. me, nah, i make something pretty and figure out how to incorporate the photos.

actually that is not always true, but i am such a bad photo taker. i miss when my sister had the time to do photoshoots of skylar. now she is the super busy career mom. i just hate hauling my camera around.
plus my apt. has such bad lighting that photos come out looking yellowish like the one above. i can only get natural lighting on the weekend.

i will say that i am still gung ho on the steampunk look. it works so well when you want a masculine feel.
saturday is my monthly craft meet with the girlfriends and i am super excited to meet up. oh the joy of crafting!!!!
hope you have a great weekend :)

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