Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Highlights from the Chihuly Glass Garden

Last Sunday, My work place put on a company picnic at the Pacific Science Center. We had the choice of seeing King Tut or the Chihuly Garden and Glass and I opted for the latter. One of my favorite exhibits is the  butterfly garden. Last time a butterfly sat on Christopher's shoulder, but this time no luck.

 They have photographers that will take your photo for free.

 My Favorite- Love the Colors!

 Lots of people thought the above was a real tree.

Got to spend the day with my 2 favorite people. Afterwards I took Skylar to the Greenlake Skate park. All was good until an hour in he crashed super hard. I looked up and I see Skylar covered in blood. He broke off his two front teeth and had a nice bloody nose. I was so surprised how calm we were. I told him to pinch his nose to stop the bleeding and thankfully another kid yelled out, "hey i think i found your teeth."
I felt so bad for him because his mouth and nose were swollen. He couldn't believe he broke his teeth.
So thankful I didn't have to take him to the hospital. Seriously makes me want to take a first aid class. Wouldn't hurt for sure.

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