Sunday, September 30, 2012

Whole Lotta Awesome

I've been on a little vacation from work and to fill the time I shopped then hit some r&r up in beautiful mt. rainier.
To start, I found this super comfy Drexel Heritage chair on craigslist for $30...major score in my book.

It wouldn't fit in my little mazda so thankfully as a zipcar member i had some extra freebie credits and rented a car that it would fit in. yeah!
I also found this zebra print chair in blue on craigslist. she wanted $120 firm and i talked her down to $100. it's basically a brand new chair...score. it's perfect as my craft room chair.
Next on the list are terrariums. Have you seen the rage lately? I am not a green thumb, but I love the look of succulents. I googled how to make terrariums and off to the nursery I went. I had a blast updating the look on my chinese altar table.

I am a big fan of Yelp and found some cool interior design shops. If you are in Kirkland a cute little store called Simplicity Decor is a fun stop. I found this white ceramic a-ok hand that adds a little humor to my table. I was actually looking for a white ceramic deer head, but they were out of stock (i did actually find it at z gallerie, but postponed that purchase much to christopher's delight.)
Another purchase that I am super happy about is this bouquet of orange roses. I absolutely love them.
So now after the shopping is done and Christopher wrapped up his work week, we headed to mt. rainier for some r&r and i literally mean that. When we hike we like to find perfect little spots to take a nap after a good hike.

It's been a whole lotta awesome!

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