Sunday, September 9, 2012

Saturday Craft Day

Met up with Adora and Victoria at V's home for a crafty Saturday. We've been wanting to celebrate Adora's big 5-0 last month, but the timing never worked out. Thankfully the stars aligned for us to meet up yesterday. We had great food, conversation and uber productivity in the craft dept.

I made Adora this birthday card inspired by Lisa Truesdell's One Day album. I really like the look of confettit sewn on a card. It's a party waiting to happen :)

It's 2 pieces of corrugated carboard that i bound with 7gypsies gaffer tape from inside instead of the outside. Gaffer tape still rocks!

During our craft day, I decided to make some more corrugated style birthday cards. I started by creating a smaller version of the confetti in glassine bags. I seriously went to town and made 12 of them. After I had my confetti ready to go, I cut down the cardboard to size ripping it to show the corrugation. At home, I did all my sewing and love how it turned out. I finished 3 so I still have many more to go.

 The top 3 are just the covers. I hadn't bound them yet. Below I bound this one with more 7gypsies gaffer tape.

Stay busy, stay crafty!

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