Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

wow, that weekend just flew by. we had such an enjoyable weekend with our friends robin and woody from oregon. they are actually christopher's long time friends (he met woody at avalanche school many many years ago)
nothing will make your home shine like guests coming over. i actually got christopher to clean off his work desk in our living room and i hope it stays that way!

so robin and woody drove up from oregon and hiked tatoosh peak on sunday then made it to our home by evening time. they were like brand new after a nice hot shower. i first met them back in '09 at christopher's birthday weekend in portland and it felt just like old times laughing it up listening to woody tell stories. he is a natural born story teller.

monday morning we drove out to a favorite breakfast spot, Serious Biscuit, and this time i took a photo of robin's fried green tomato biscuit and christopher's fennel sausage skillet plate.
woody was too quick for me to get his ham and cheddar biscuit (which is next on my list) i ordered from the kids menu and had half a biscuit and scrambled eggs. i know not too exciting, but i knew we were going to eat a lot today and i didn't want to start out feeling heavy and tired, which is what happened the first time i ate the fried chicken biscuit, yum!

from there we headed to EMP. i have been there so many times i opted to stay at sky church and watch the movies and videos on the biggest screen ever. i can watch nirvana videos over and over and it still makes me smile. after EMP, we rode the monorail to westlake center and walked over to the pike place market.

if you want the cheapest bouquet of flowers that will wow your recipient come to pike place market.
robin is a gourmet chef so the market was right up her alley. she wanted to go to the spanish table, but cold drinks on the waterfront drew us away. woody is not a fish eater yet we ended up at the fisherman's wharf so we decided to eat at skillet on capital hill. we've eaten once from the skillet trailer and their burger is pricey but worthy.

(robin & woody)

unfortunately, we did not factor in the holiday schedule and skillet had closed at 3pm. it was now 5ish and we were ready to chow down. robin had heard the kingfish cafe made decent soul food so off we went to 19th ave. and mercer. turned out to be a great stop. we were early for dinner so we started with happy hour appetizers- citrus jerk wings, fried catfish and bbq pork sliders. i wish i would have remembered to take photos. the citrus jerk wings were delicious.
for dinner i had the house salad, c had the red beans and rice, woody had the mac n cheese with another plate of citrus wings and robin had the buttermilk fried chicken. my meal was just right so tasty yet light. c on the otherhand was moaning and groaning on the car trip home. i guess those beans were expanding! lol!

across the street from the kingfish cafe is monsoon ( a vietnamese restaurant) that i would also like to try.

tuesday morning came and woody and robin continued on their vacation up north to vancouver, b.c.
we told them they must try splitz grill on main st. near little india. hands down my favorite burger on the planet!

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